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Hungary offers help to Turkey in judicial reform

  Turkey is now making efforts to reform the rule of law and its judiciary. Justice Minister László Trócsányi said, that the Hungarian government is ready to share with Turkey its experience on the introduction of new court procedures. Hungary has the experience through which public trust in the judiciary could be strengthened. The Turkish […]

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Hungary is going to take on a larger role in NATO missions

  The foreign minister of Hungary has announced that country is ready to take on a larger role in NATO missions. Péter Szijjártó, minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, made the remarks following talks with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels on Thursday. The government and NATO will set up a joint team to […]

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Social Benefits for Hungarians in Transcarpathia will be doubled

  Hungary’s government will double the amount of social benefits for Hungarians living in the Transcarpathia region of western Ukraine. The funds will reach some 23,000-24,000 people in the fields of education, health care, media as well as the social and culture sectors. With the increased funding, Hungary’s government hopes to stabilise the number of […]

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New high-speed railway Budapest-Bratislava-Brno-Warsaw

  The Visegrad Group countries have decided to jointly build a high-speed railway connecting Budapest, Bratislava, Brno and Warsaw. The new, two-track line would be suitable for trains up to a speed of 250 km/h. The trains will only stop in the three capital cities and Brno. The talks were attended by representatives of the […]

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Budapest has become one of the most liveable cities over the past decade.

  BBC decided to focus on the cities that have been climbing the rankings over the past decade. Budapest comes in second to Honolulu but precedes Kuwait City, Taipei and Auckland. Wiktoria Skiba, founder of Budapest magazine The Spoiled Queen, who has lived in the city for eight years told BBC that the city has […]

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Semmelweis University Is Among The Best 500

  Seven Hungarian universities are among the world’s best 1000 on the list of the Times Higher Education (THE). Semmelweis University was the only one that made it to the best 500. Its final place is in the 401-500 category, similarly to last year. However, the university managed to improve in the sub-categories. There are […]

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Minimum wage is rising up to 672 EUR in Hungary

  The average gross monthly wage in Hungary stood at 326,724 forints (EUR 1,010) in July, up 12.8 percent year-on-year. Real wages in January-July were up 9.4 percent. Finance Minister Mihály Varga told that the increase in wages would continue in the coming months. Of the Visegrad Group countries, Hungary registered the second-highest wage growth […]

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Hungarian Kick-Boxer Renáta Rákóczi Becomes World Champion

  Renáta Rákóczi, a Hungarian kick-boxer has become a professional World Champion in Elverum, Norway. The champion successfully won the contest against Kristin Vollstadt, a former World Champion from Norway. Winning the championship was the triumph of her life, as the Renáta expressed following the match. Renáta’s success is to be understood not only as […]

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Growth of Hungarian Economic could be between 2.5 and 3 percent

  Finance Minister Mihály Varga said in an interview that Hungary’s potential economic growth could be between 2.5 and 3 percent He said that wages in Hungary are rising and it boosts domestic consumption. Investments are also on the increase. On another subject, the minister said that resolving the problems in the health sector “is […]

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Hungary is going to stop gender studies funding

  The Hungarian government has announced that gender studies in Hungary will be no longer funded . Prime Minister Gergely Gulyás said that as of September 2019 the government will not finance or accredit gender studies courses. The move will affect two universities: Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) and Central European University (CEU), the only institutions […]

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